Childbirth, Infant Care, and Breastfeeding Video Bundle

Childbirth, Infant Care, and Breastfeeding Video Bundle

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Childbirth - Your one stop shop for everything to expect when you’re expecting! This video covers what to pack in your hospital bag, the stages of labor, electronic fetal monitoring and much more.

Infant Care - From baby supplies, taking care of Mom and Baby, when to call the pediatrician and more, we have the information you need as you begin your parenthood journey. 

Breastfeeding – Interested in breastfeeding and don’t know where to begin? We’ve got you covered in our breastfeeding video. 

For more information on each video, please visit each video page below.

We’ve also put together two additional educational videos to help share in your and your baby's journey for a healthy life. If you have questions or concerns about anything discussed in our videos, please consult with your provider.

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